Monday, 18 August 2014

The First Fishing Tournament

This was the first tournament I participated..

9 MARCH 2014  Dusun Dato' Murad (SANTAI RAJA PANCING)

The main event of this tournament was about fishing catfishes.   The baits I used in this tournament were crickets.  Unfortunately I did not catch any fishes during the tournament. Maybe it was because of the length between my hook and the sinker which was too long.  However, during the tournament, I gained a lot of new knowledge regarding fishing. Many other participants gave me their tips on fishing a catfish and even tilapia.  

Did you know a catfish more actives during nighttime.  

It does not matter whether you caught a fish or not,  the most important part is do not give up and keep trying. Try to learn  from the experiences and never afraid to try something new. 


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